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Bone Soup.

Michele and I were putting away the groceries when she looked at me with “that” look. You have to live with someone for a certain amount of time to know what I’m talking about. It’s like… you aren’t in trouble yet… but you will be. We were just grocery shopping. What could I have possibly done wrong?


“Do you know you just spent $7.39 on bones?”


“Yep. I’m going to make bone soup.”


“There isn’t even any meat on those bones. For a couple of bucks more you could have bought a ham.”


“I know that. I’m going to make bone soup. Some people call it bone broth. It will be delicious and it will strengthen our bones. At our age we need strong bones.” Ah! How can she argue with that!


“I just hope you don’t make a mess.”


Make a mess? Bone broth makes sense! Our bones are made up of much more than calcium. There is magnesium, phosphorus and a bunch of other stuff. You can’t just take a calcium pill to harden your bones… you need something like bone broth. I’m pretty sure this is what the cavemen did. Eat bones for your bones. I love the concept!


First thing I did was build a fire to roast the bones. I tossed in some mesquite and apple wood for a nice Smokey flavor. Our ancestors roasted the bones and I couldn’t leave out that step. It was March, my first BBQ, and there I was roasting bones! This is going to be a wonderful year!

Once the bones were roasted the next step was to put them in a slow cooker with some aromatic vegies. No prob.

My mouth was watering and my bones were already feeling harder! The next step was tossing everything into the crockpot and maybe grabbing another glass of wine.

I put the crockpot on a slow simmer and the rest of the merlot in my glass. By this time it was almost midnight and Michele was asleep. I finished my wine with the comforting knowledge that I had created something that would propel us both into our 90s and beyond! I slept soundly until about 6 o’clock. (That’s when Michele got up for work.)


“Did you change the lawnmower oil in the kitchen?”


I was still groggy but I could smell the oil. It was admittedly dreadful. Actually dreadful is being kind. I threw open the windows and moved the crockpot out to the deck. Michele went to work without another word. I put on the coffee and fired up my computer. Obviously something was wrong.


Turns out lots of people brew their bone broth in the garage. Some cook it on their deck and a few actually hire third world countries to manufacture this stuff. The only problem I had was how to dispose of this toxic waste. I decanted it into plastic cups and put it in the fridge in the garage.


Next month we are buying a new fridge from Sears and they are taking away the old one…bone soup and all.

I don’t know. It sounded like a great idea. While I was researching this recipe I did find something else interesting though.:

“Eat meat. Drink water.”

That’s it. That’s what/all they do.

I think it has a certain charm though. It sure would uncomplicated my dinner recipes. I signed up to their forum and I’ll keep you posted.























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