The Caveman’s Herbal Workout

Caveman Herbal Workout

This isn’t a workout for pansies. It’s an herbal excercise routine for Cavemen. However, if you aren’t growing any herbs yet, you could probably substitute a potted pansy. One thing I really like about this routine is that when you are finished, you can eat the exercise equipment. Now, that’s Paleo!

Here’s something I believe that most people don’t understand about exercise. It’s cumulative. Every little bit of excercise you do adds up. It all counts. It’s just like putting money in the bank. You can go to the gym and make one large deposit or you can…ummm… try the Caveman Herbal Workout and make several smaller deposits. Either way, your account should never be overdrawn and you should never suffer a debt crises.

I have 10 pots of herbs on my deck. (Well, actually 4 of them are pepper plants, so not technically herbs.) Anyway,  I carry each pot from the deck to the picnic table and water them. Then I carry them back to the deck.

Doesn’t sound very impressive does it? How about if I told you that I carry 300 pounds across my yard every day for a little exercise? Yep, now that sounds more like a workout. And, of course, that’s what it turns out to be. Ten 15 pound terracotta pots carried each way is 300 pounds. (Of course,  if you feel more energetic, you can carry a plant to the mail box when you get your mail.)

Hopefully, you are getting the idea. Joining a gym or doing structured exercise is fine, but most of us never do that. However, you can and should incorporate exercise into your daily life. Don’t drive when you can walk. Don’t sit when you can stand. Carry those herbs over to the picnic table. That’s how the cavemen stayed fit.

Keep moving… and above all… keep Grocking On!!


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    Very good idea, indeed! Food and exercise all in one.

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